Heritage Lane Behavioral Assisted Living is nestled in a quiet neighborhood setting in Mesa. We specialize in assisting our residents with behavioral issues that are related to specific mental health diagnoses.

We have developed a structured positive reinforcement model, to help those who suffer from mental illness.  With this reinforcement model and with the proper treatment, proper medication management and proper support, our residents gain simple skills, self-control, self-worth, and confidence to engage in the greater and broader community.

Mental stability is key to a better quality of life.

Heritage Lane Behavioral Assisted Living employs a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP).  Her primary role and responsibility is to be present in the community for staff and to address specific resident needs as it relates to her scope of practice.  Our PMHNP is the individual who manages all mental health medications and prescribes those medications as needed. Rather than have a resident leave the community for a visit to a mental health clinic, the resident can see the practitioner on site and have their medications or other concerns addressed immediately.

In addition, residents can set appointments with our practitioners as needed and discuss challenges or accomplishments. They may negotiate or modify their plan of action in agreement with their treating practitioner.

Having a busy schedule and things to do is critical to mental health stability.  Activities are scheduled 7 days a week up until as late as 7:00pm. Having an occupied mind and opportunities to engage, is extremely healthy for residents who suffer from mental health related illnesses.

Our AM activities are strictly geared toward active(muscular) and passive (range of motion) movements. Physical activities that get the body and mind moving in the morning to start the day.  Our PM activities are more relaxing and facilitate a more quiet and calming effect. Proper sleep patterns are critical for mental health residents and our activities are programmed to provide the most effective approach to enabling good health and proper rest.  Our community goes on 3 outings per week to give all residents the opportunity to interact in the community.

This is our love, our passion and our life work.

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