A supportive community for individuals with mental illness.

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What makes our community unique?

An individual’s diagnosis should not be the inhibitor rather the foundation of potential. In many traditional mental health settings, the diagnosis prevents the individual from experiencing greater opportunities by applying and enforcing limits. This type of model is restrictive and not a model we subscribe to.

There is no other behaviorally licensed assisted living facility and community in the entire state of Arizona that matches the mental health and medical services of Heritage Lane Behavioral Assisted Living.

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Behavioral Health Services

Providing structure with positive reinforcement model is a major benefit at our community facility and a proven method to improving the well-being of our residents.

At our mental health facility, structure is individualized and not an “out-of-the-box” solution. We employ psychiatric practitioners, counselors and medical staff that have decades of experience necessary to diagnose and provide treatment that will be effective.


Assisted Living Facility

Assisted Living is for those that need care services and supervision including behavioral services. 

Our facility and staff provide a wide range of services to meet the medical and behavioral needs of each resident. Services that may include toileting, bathing, dressing, eating, mobility, social interactions, behavior modification, medication management, etc.

Our Behavioral Program

Positive Reinforcement and early intervention to protect and promote dignity and respect, not reactionary or punitive. This is the premise of our behavioral program model.

Each resident comes to Heritage Lane Behavioral Assisted Living with a history of mental illness. Some of that history is recent. Through our eyes each resident is an individual and likely a myriad of issues affecting the overall quality of life and ability to function in and outside of the community in which they live.

Our primary goal is to create a behavioral plan with psychotropic medication management by a licensed professional, to enable the resident to more fully participate in the broader community.

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