Behavioral Program

“We are very pleased with your staff. We know our brother gets the kind of care and understanding that is appropriate for his situation.”

Jenny (Family Member)

“I have a family member who had to stay at Heritage Lane and they had a wonderful experience here. The staff was very friendly and educated on the needs of the residents.”

Brittani (Family Member)

“I very much like Heritage Lane Behavioral Assisted Living. Their specialty is behavioral issues and the staff is wonderful. All the psychiatrists and psychologists are patient. Everybody seems to be very happy working there. They like coming to work and interacting with the residents. I can’t say enough about this place. They work in a positive manner. They have different age groups there, and my brother is more comfortable there.”

Charise (Family Member)

“I have a family member who is staying at Heritage Lane, they have been in other facilities before. But Heritage is by far the best one. They are on top of my brothers activities and are very concerned with his safety. While being there he has been able to do several activities where in the other places this was not an option. Some of the activities include going to a Diamond Backs game, going to the movies, taking them to Walmart each week. They also get to help choose what is on the menu. The staff is very friendly and cares about the needs of their residents. They have also been very helpful whenever I have a question or a concern. They respond to my e-mails and I feel like I can communicate better then any other place my brother has been.”

Nancy (Family Member)

“I could see that Heritage Lane is staffed from end to end with people that did a specific thing as opposed to one staff member who is responsible for a whole gamut of things.”

Rolly (Family Member)

“My brother has lived here almost 7 years. It can be extremely difficult to find an appropriate residence for a seriously mentally ill family member, where they feel safe and comfortable. This facility provides onsite medical and psychiatric care, as well as specially trained caregivers. Our family knows the owners and staff very well. We are included in my brother’s staffing’s and feel our voices are heard. Thank you Heritage Lane.”

Leslie (Family Member)

“The greatest gift I got from Heritage Lane was changing that role from caregiver to brother.  I can enjoy him like a brother again.”

Doug (Family Member)

Our Mental Health Program

Heritage Lane implements positive reinforcement and early intervention. We aim to protect personal dignity and are not reactionary and punitive. Our program is highly individualized to ensure the best possible outcome.

Behavioral Model Using A Positive Approach

We have developed a structured positive reinforcement model, to help those who suffer from mental illness. Each resident is unique, and we make an effort to focus on their potential. With this reinforcement model and with the proper treatment, proper medication management and proper support, our residents gain simple skills, self-control, self-worth, and confidence.

Each plan is individualized, and the resident is motivated to achieve their goals. Through adherence to an individualized plan, our residents have accomplished great success.

Our Residents

Each resident comes to Heritage Lane with a history of mental illness. Some of that history is recent. We see each resident individually knowing there are a myriad of issues affecting the overall quality of life and ability to function in and outside of the community in which they live.

Heritage Lane Is a Recovery-Based Community

Our program’s success is based upon encouraging our residents to be as independent as possible. Our residents have the opportunity to actively participate in planning and negotiating their treatment. They assist in the development of their treatment plan and work towards progressing through each phase. Encouraging our residents to focus on their individual goals helps them work towards a greater quality of life.

Our Mental Health Program Brings Accountability to the Surface

Our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner establishes goals and expectations and creates a Behavioral Plan of Action (BPOA). A BPOA is used as a tool or road-map for the staff members as they interact and encourage the resident from day to day.

Behavioral Program Phases

Our 4 phase program is the key driver of motivation and progression. As the resident remains compliant to the developed plan, phases are more of a reward system to encourage and motivate. During each phase, the resident has increased opportunities.

We invite you to navigate through the details of our mental health program by clicking on the behavioral program links to the left side of this page.

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“I have a family member who had to stay at Heritage Lane and they had a wonderful experience here. The staff was very friendly and educated on the needs of the residents.”

~Brittani (Family Member)

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