Activities: A Busy Schedule

Having a busy schedule and things to do is critical to mental health stability.

Activities are scheduled 7 days a week up until as late as 7:00pm. Having an occupied mind and opportunities to engage, is extremely healthy for residents who suffer from mental health related illnesses.

Our AM activities are strictly geared toward active(muscular) and passive (range of motion) movements. Physical activities that get the body and mind moving in the morning to start the day. Our activities were developed by a licensed Physical Therapist specific to our community and resident population needs.

Our PM activities are more relaxing and facilitate a more quiet and calming effect. Proper sleep patterns are critical for mental health residents and our activities are programmed to provide the most effective approach to enabling good health and proper rest.

Our community goes on 3 outings per week to give all residents the opportunity to interact in the community.

Once a year we try to really do something big. We call it the Bucket List Activity for the year. Our residents write down their bucket list and the community chooses one of them to do for that year.

In 2016, a resident loved to go to the lake as a youth and it had been 50 or so years that he hadn’t seen water. We took every single resident on the Dolly Steamboat ride at Canyon Lake. What a wonderful trip and experience for all of us.

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“I have a family member who had to stay at Heritage Lane and they had a wonderful experience here. The staff was very friendly and educated on the needs of the residents.”

~Brittani (Family Member)

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