As we age, we are faced with the reality of decreased mobility and independence, whether from disease, illness, mental health issues, physical impairments or simply getting on in years. Whether you’re searching for options for yourself or for a loved one, the choice is never easy. On one hand, you may wish to remain in the home you have built, but on the other, health issues may require you to choose an assisted living facility where you can have access to the care you need most.

Here, we’ll go over the differences between living alone vs. living in assisted living facilities in Mesa.

Living Alone

Nobody wants to lose their independence. It can be sad and overwhelming when faced with the prospect of leaving the comfort of your own home to live elsewhere with other residents and caregivers. But at some point, the safety and health issues can no longer be ignored. Here are some pros and cons of living alone in your home.


  • You can retain your independence and remain in the home you have lived in for many years or decades.
  • It’s more cost effective, particularly when faced with the option of a costly nursing home or assisted living facility. This can cost thousands a month, not including activity costs or specialized care that you may require.


  • Failing health (physically or mentally) can increase your safety risk: Perhaps you can’t climb up the stairs unassisted anymore, or maybe you find it difficult to prepare meals or remember to take medications. It becomes harder to tend to health-related tasks, such as taking your blood sugar readings or performing at-home physical therapy exercises.
  • Social isolation: Even though you may have family members and friends who live nearby, their busy lives may prevent them from coming by to visit as often as you’d like. Social isolation leads to increased risk of depression – a very real threat to seniors living on their own. Sadly, clinical depression is common in the elderly, affecting six million Americans age 65 and older, according to WebMD.
  • Maintenance: You may find it increasingly difficult to keep up maintenance for such a large home, including mowing the yard, cleaning the house and doing laundry.

Living in an Assisted Living Home

When the stresses of living alone begin to outweigh your desire to safely remain in the home by yourself, the option of living in assisted living homes in Mesa AZ may sound more and more appealing. But as with any option, there are both pros and cons that you should think a great deal about.


  • Cost can be a drawback for many seniors.
  • Some seniors may have difficulty adjusting to group settings with policies.
  • Assisted living facilities may not offer the extensive medical care on the premises as, say, a nursing home would.


  • Assistance with daily living activities like bathing, dressing, and eating.
  • Can easily adapt to changing needs: Because your health situation can change quickly, assisted living offers flexible living arrangements that can rapidly adapt to your changing needs.
  • No need to maintain a home: all chores and upkeep are done for you.
  • Greater privacy and a home-like setting.
  • Opportunity to socialize with scheduled activities, including dancing, crafts, exercise, and outings.
  • Lower cost than a nursing home.
  • Needs are mixed: When you don’t quite need the 24/7 medical care that comes with a nursing home, assisted living offers a level of care that is appropriate for those who only need assistance part-time, such as with meals, transportation, medication, bathing and dressing.
  • Financial assistance is available through long-term insurance, veteran’s programs and ALTCS.
  • Ability to offer specialized care and behavior programs, such as on-site psychiatry and counseling.

As we said above, we know this decision is not easy. But when the time comes when you or a loved one needs extra assistance, the benefits of assisted living facilities in Mesa are clear.

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