“I could see that Heritage Lane is staffed from end to end with people that did a specific thing as opposed to one staff member who is responsible for a whole gamut of things.”

Rolly (Family Member)

“I have a family member who is staying at Heritage Lane, they have been in other facilities before. But Heritage is by far the best one. They are on top of my brothers activities and are very concerned with his safety. While being there he has been able to do several activities where in the other places this was not an option. Some of the activities include going to a Diamond Backs game, going to the movies, taking them to Walmart each week. They also get to help choose what is on the menu. The staff is very friendly and cares about the needs of their residents. They have also been very helpful whenever I have a question or a concern. They respond to my e-mails and I feel like I can communicate better then any other place my brother has been.”

Nancy (Family Member)

“I very much like Heritage Lane Behavioral Assisted Living. Their specialty is behavioral issues and the staff is wonderful. All the psychiatrists and psychologists are patient. Everybody seems to be very happy working there. They like coming to work and interacting with the residents. I can’t say enough about this place. They work in a positive manner. They have different age groups there, and my brother is more comfortable there.” 

Charise (Family Member)

“I have a family member who had to stay at Heritage Lane and they had a wonderful experience here. The staff was very friendly and educated on the needs of the residents.”

Brittani (Family Member)

“We are very pleased with your staff. We know our brother gets the kind of care and understanding that is appropriate for his situation.” 

Jenny (Family Member)

“The greatest gift I got from Heritage Lane was changing that role from caregiver to brother.  I can enjoy him like a brother again.”

Doug (Family Member)

“My brother has lived here almost 7 years. It can be extremely difficult to find an appropriate residence for a seriously mentally ill family member, where they feel safe and comfortable. This facility provides onsite medical and psychiatric care, as well as specially trained caregivers. Our family knows the owners and staff very well. We are included in my brother’s staffing’s and feel our voices are heard. Thank you Heritage Lane.”

Leslie (Family Member)

At Heritage Lane, Behavioral Assisted Living, we strive to abide by the following 10 principles of ethics:

    1. Beneficence. Do “good” by the resident. Do what is helpful with the welfare of the resident as the highest priority.
    2. Non-Malignant. Avoid harm and deliver care effectively and safely. Encourage residents to achieve their goals.
    3. Futility of Treatment. Deliver treatment consistent with the resident’s goals and plan of care. Avoid any intervention that is deemed unsafe or would prolong suffering from medical or mental health issues.
    4. Confidentiality. Complete and absolute confidentiality is the underlying tenet. Comply with state laws regarding disclosure to third parties.
    5. Autonomy and Consent. Adhere and respect the resident rights. The duty is to encourage, not enforce. Allow the resident to make choices for themselves without risk of retaliation or fear of consequence.
    6. Resident Relationship. Develop a therapeutic alliance with the resident. There should be fidelity, trust, confidentiality, and protection from intended harm. Provide direction, encouragement, and education during resident interactions.
    7. Truth Telling. Tell the truth. Always.
    8. Justice. Distribute resources in an equitable manner. Treat all residents equally regardless of mental or physical limitation.
    9. Non-Abandonment. Uphold the principle of fidelity to all residents. Never leave the post or duty without permission. No matter what.
    10. Limited Resources. Realize in every setting there are limited healthcare resources. Make decisions in a non-discriminatory and objective manner.

Should any of these principles be violated. Heritage Lane Behavioral Assisted Living has a non-retaliatory reporting system that allows a grievance to be made and fully investigated.

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“I have a family member who had to stay at Heritage Lane and they had a wonderful experience here. The staff was very friendly and educated on the needs of the residents.”

~Brittani (Family Member)

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