If you are looking for behavioral health care in Mesa AZ, the prospect can be quite daunting as you try to navigate the many options available to you. Not all long-term care programs are created equally. If your loved one suffers from behavioral or mental health issues, you need to focus on communities that offer those specific programs.

In general, you will want to look for behavioral health treatment programs that offer long-term care, a collaborative staff, evidence-based treatment strategies, individualized treatment plans, and a therapeutic community based on social support.

Choosing a Residential Program

It’s important to choose a treatment center that offers a residential or assisted living program for optimal integration and a greater range of treatment strategies. Studies have shown that counseling within an outpatient setting is simply not as effective in managing mental illnesses over the long haul.

For a more lasting impact, your loved one will require intensive care and a wider variety of treatment and therapy types. For example, within residential treatment, your loved one will have access to various kinds of behavioral therapies, medical care, group support and creative therapies.

Assisted living is also beneficial because it gives your loved one a safe place in which to live and learn while they heal – without the distractions of home, family, or work. This way, they can dedicate time to learning and practicing coping mechanisms, as well as changing negative thoughts and behaviors.

Consider Evidence-Based Treatment

Treatment for mental illness can be effective, but it has to include the right treatment for your loved one. Search for behavioral treatment centers that offer the exact types of therapies your loved one needs. Ask them about the benefits of those strategies and if they can back them up with proven scientific research.

For example, our recovery-based community uses a four-phase behavioral program based on a structured positive reinforcement model. With the proper treatment, medication management and support, our residents develop basic skills, self-control, confidence and self-worth.

Look For Individualized Treatment Plans

No single therapy or approach will be right for every resident. Always choose a treatment center that treats your loved one as an individual – not as just another number. Everyone is different, and this is never truer than in mental health treatment. The best facilities have extensive, comprehensive intake practices that include full assessments for all mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders.

In creating a treatment plan, the center you choose should be able to tailor it to each individual patient. Remember, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all treatment for any mental illness.

Check Out the Staff

Take a tour, ask questions of the staff, and observe how staff members interact with residents. Look into the experience of the people working there, as the best facilities have professionals who are experts in different areas of mental health and treatment. Having several therapists on staff is not enough.

You also want to ensure the staff practices collaborative care, meaning they actively work together in the patients’ best interests, consulting with one another and planning their treatments and therapy focus based on those findings. Collaborative care includes therapists, to be sure, but also doctors, nurses, holistic practitioners, dietitians, and many others.

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Here at Heritage Lane, we implement positive reinforcement and early intervention, with the goal of protecting personal dignity thanks to a program that is highly individualized for the best possible outcome. To learn more about our behavioral health treatment centers, contact us at 480-999-0511.

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