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Rad was diagnosed with Schizophrenia in 1973. After losing his dad at a young age he has continued to struggle his whole life with mental illness. Through structure and support Rad has made great progress.



Darlene was one of 6 children raised by a single mom. After struggling in homeless shelters and group homes, Darlene started to lose her vision. With help and support, she has progressed to have a great quality of life.


Robert grew up in New York, and moved to Arizona when he was a young adult. In 1975 Robert was diagnosed with Schizophrenia with bipolar tendencies.


Deborah was mixed up with drugs and prostitution. She suffered a devastating attack in 2001 and wasn’t expected to live. After months of surgeries and recovery, we can see how far she has come.


Tyson had a difficult childhood and was raised by a single mom. After going to prison for burglary, Tyson suffered an attack in prison November 2011. His difficult and amazing recovery lead to where he is today.


Alex was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and was adopted as a young child. During his life despite of being adopted, was in and out of foster homes.