Standard Criteria for Admission:

  1. The Resident and/or responsible party must be capable of participating in their care planning, behavioral planning, and treatment.
  2. The Resident must be able to recognize danger and know when to call for help.
  3. The Resident must be capable of learning and knowing where they live.
  4. The following diagnoses are accepted and typically have the best success:
    1. Non-Compliant
    2. Schizophrenic
    3. Bi-Polar
    4. Paranoid
    5. Anxiety
    6. Eating Disorders
    7. Depression
    8. Mood Issues
    9. Delusional
    10. Psychotic
    11. Obsessive Compulsive
    12. Verbally Aggressive
    13. Traumatic or Anoxic Brain Injury

Criteria not Accepted for Admission:

  1. A primary diagnosis of Dementia or Alzheimer’s
    The reason is, for this behavioral treatment program to be effective, we require the resident to be able to participate in their care planning and treatment.
  2. A recent history of drug or alcohol abuse
    Many of our successful and stable residents who are benefitting from Heritage Lane have histories of drug and or alcohol abuse. Residents who are at high risk of relapse creates an unsafe peer structure
  3. Inability to recognize danger or call for help
    This criterion has a broad objective and ensures the residents seeking to move into Heritage Lane have a basic cognition level that is foundational for the program to be successful for them.